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Updating Widows Service Bus Runas Password

I’m running a Windows Service Bus 1.1 farm on my local machine for testing, and recently the services stopped working after I updated my system password. The services were configured to run under my user account so needed to be updated after I changed my password. To do so, we’ll need to use Service Bus […]

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Enabling WCF Trace Log

The Tracing feature in WCF gives us the ability capture event\message details as calls are made to web services. Enabling this in IIS can be done fairly easily by selecting the Application and clicking the “Configure…” link in the Manage WCF and WF Services section of the Action panel. From there, go the Monitoring section […]

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Reverse engineer database to custom Code First entity model and mappings

It’s really cool to see how far code-first support within Entity Framework has come over the last few releases. It’s extremely freeing to be create our own POCOs and custom mapping classes, which nostalgically remind of past projects with FluentNHibernate. And we aren’t tied down to edmx files (and nasty merge conflicts that come with […]

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Mountain Lion – psql: could not connect to server: No such file or directory

I’m in the process of installing postgres on my new laptop and ran into a snag that had me scratching my head. The install itself went without a hitch, but when trying to use the psql command from terminal, I got the below error: After some research, I learned that the Mountain Lion comes with […]

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