Using the ASP.Net bundler without minification

The bundler shipped with ASP.Net works pretty well with minimal configuration. In short, when the debug flag is off the bundler will do a few things for us: Bundle related files into single web response Apply minification transformation such as shortening variable\method names, trimming whitespace, removing comments, etc Add a version token to the querystring

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Testing .Net Webservices with cURL

Fair warning, this is one of those posts that may or may not be useful to many of you out there, but I wanted to document this somewhere 'cause there's a good chance I'll need to do it again in the near future. I'm wrapping up a mobile application that needed to communicate with a

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Turning Off Regions in ReSharper

I’m not a fan of seeing regions in my code and, by default, ReSharper is configured to group members (methods, interface implementations, etc) with regions when running the Code Cleanup utility. I’ve turned this off a couple of times but it usually takes some poking around until I remember what to do again. From within

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Review: Brownfield Application Development in .Net

I just finished reading Brownfield Application Development in .Net by Kyle Baley and Donald Belcham and thought I’d put together a quick review some of the strengths and weaknesses the book has to offer. It’s broken up into two sections with the first half of the book describing how to create a healthy ecosystem for